About Mark Beck Associates LLC

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In order to provide the highest quality services at reasonable prices Mark Beck Associates has affiliations with a number of firms listed below. These connections allow expansion of the areas we can serve and the maximization of our talents.

Beck, Powell & Parsons, Inc
Eric Beck  410-828-9220
Towson, MD

Encore Sustainable Design, LLC
Ward Bucher  410-770-9009
Easton, Annapolis, Bethesda, MD

Greg Horgan Architecture Inc
Greg Horgan  202.239.0280
Bethesda, MD

IMD (Illustrate My Design)
Florencia Bialet  202-318-1596
Alexandria, VA

Jan Kirsh Studio
Jan Kirsh  410-310-1198
Talbot County, MD

Claggett Engineering
Larny Claggett  410-820-9173
Talbot County, MD


Originally the present firm was called "Potter & Beck". Later the name was changed to "Mark Beck Associates", and then to "Beck, Powell & Parsons, Inc."  Mark Beck has returned to the modified name "Mark Beck Associates LLC" after handing over the reins of  "Beck, Powell & Parsons, Inc." to his son Eric Beck, who follows in his footsteps. Mark Beck is now free to follow his love of residential design along with some religious and community based projects.

Mark Beck, President of Mark Beck Associates LLC (MBA), has a long history designing all types of projects.

Mark has devoted himself to designing primarily residential work plus a scattering of community and religious facilities. Residential work has been the most enjoyable and rewarding to him throughout his extended career. He looks forward to your enjoying the design of this sampling of work.


It is our philosophy that building a custom home, or doing a renovation, and/or addition, should be one of the most exciting adventures that an individual or couple ever embarks upon. A home is a special statement about you, your life, your interests, and your hopes and dreams. To that end, we  carefully listen to your needs and requirements and then  create a design  that is a true expression of your particular desires and lifestyle.


It is important to us that our clients are comfortable and enjoy the entire process. Our job is to present feasible options so that we can choose the best solutions for the design of our client's home. Regardless of the type or size of a project, our job is to present our client with a project that meets their needs and expectations.

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