Harris/ Diangelos

This small addition to a large existing home is overlooks the headwaters of the Delaware river in Lacawaxon, PA.

A continuous set of windows gives panoramic views of the river as well as the adjacent woods. Lots of wildlife is continuously roving through the site and going down to the river to drink. Deer and chipmunks are in abundance, plus a black bear, sometimes with cubs, is occasionally seen. Eagles and a Great Blue Heron are often seen. Jim Harris enjoys photographing them.

Another major feature of the addition is a clerestory at the peak of the cathedral ceiling adding to the abundance of natural light. In the winter the ceiling is lit up by the low winter sun streaming through the clerestory. Drywall baffles catch the rays of the sun and help distribute the light coming into the room.

Kayaks & rafts are stored under the addition.